Viresco Filter-Start 25g

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25g Pack (treats up to 9,000 litres)
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For clean, clear water, healthier fish and more abundant wildlife nothing works as effectively and economically as Viresco. It uses a combination of different micro-organisms that clean water by removing the soluble nutrients on which algae feeds and digest the organic matter that makes ponds cloudy. One application can last many months and as a non-chemical product it is completely harmless to wild birds, fish, frogs, newts, pets, plants, insects and humans.
Viresco Filter-Start
We also sell Viresco Filter-Start for the introduction of healthy bacteria into new or existing filters. Contains microbes to initiate the breakdown of ammonia to nitrite and then nitrate in pond filters. 25g treats ponds of approx. 9,000 litres (2,000 gallons) of pondwater.
All Viresco products are:
• Non-chemical – totally biological
• Easy to use with a long shelf life
• Long lasting – one application lasts many months
• Harmless to fish, plants and wildlife, even if overdosed
• Full instructions with every pack!

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