• Viresco Aqua 2.5g Pond Clear Including Free Nitrate Test Strips

Viresco Aqua 2.5g Pond Clear Including Free Nitrate Test Strips

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2.5g Small Pond Pack (treats up to 6,500 litres)
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Viresco Aqua – trusted by pond owners for over 19 years!
A clear, healthy pond in a few weeks!

The award winning pond clear …There are many pond cleaning products that claim to rid your pond of blanketweed and algae bloom – but as tests show, none work as effectively and economically as ours.

Viresco Aqua uses a combination of different micro-organisms that clean water by efficiently removing the soluble nutrients on which algae feeds and digesting the organic matter that makes your pond cloudy. This in turn helps to improve the health of fish by increasing their food uptake and reducing disease. Viresco was originally formulated for use on fish farms and is 100% organic and completely harmless to fish, frogs, newts, pets, plants, insects and humans. It’s so safe and pure it can even be used in freshwater aquaria to keep the glass clean!
  • It’s totally biological … easy to use and economical … one application may last many months … a good keeper with a long shelf life.
  • One of the first microbial aquatic products – launched in 1997
  • Winner of blanketweed control products trial – 2000 (Koi Ponds & Gardens Magazine)
  • Joint winner of blanketweed control products trial – 2004 (Brooksby College)
Viresco Aqua Pond Clear will:
  • Clear ponds of blanketweed and algae
  • DIGEST organic waste
  • Eliminate nitrates
  • Reduce phosphates
  • Improve pond water clarity
  • Promote fish health
Amazing Viresco

“Your product is frankly magical in its effectiveness … has literally saved me over a hundred pounds a year and many hours of toil. Thank you again.”
Mr W., Fleetwood, Lancs – May 2013
“I was amazed that after one day the bloom showed signs of clearing. After three days the water was virtually clear.”
Mr H., North Yorks – March 2012
Viresco Aqua isavailable in 2.5g, 5g, 10g and 25g packs, please see individual ordering details for all sizes below.
FREE! Nitrate Test Strips - worth £3.95!
Includes 3 nitrate test strips for use before, during and after testing of your water.

Please note: Product supplied in a sachet.

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Installed a new …


Installed a new pond four years ago and have tried many treatments to clear the mass of filamentous algae with no success. I saw the Viesco Aqua and thought I would give it a go. Amazing, the algae has gone and the sludge at the bottom also, and the water is crystal clear, even through the recent hot sunny weather!

I have a …


I have a small pond which was a muddy mess. Viresco Aqua Pond Clear has made a massive difference. No more sludge & the pond looks like it's had some of the black dye treatment (used by Charlie Dimmock in some of her water features) added to the water - I'm very impressed with the result & how quickly the product works.