RHS Runner Bean Stardust

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50 Seeds
Phaseolus coccineus
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Awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit



A modern variety bred in the UK and ideally suited to our climate, giving maximum crop yields. The self-fertile white flowers give fantastic results, as well as sweeter tasting pods. Surplus pods will freeze well.

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Planting & Harvesting

Sow & Grow

Indoors, April to May. In pots of moist compost. Sow one or two seeds per pot. Cover with 2.5cm of fine compost. Cover pots with glass or polythene. Firm gently and keep moist. Keep at approx. 15-20°C. Seedlings appear 7-14 days. Remove cover when seedlings appear, stand outside for a few days late May (avoid frosts). Transplant seedlings 30cm apart in rows 45cm apart. Train up poles or netting. Harvest July to October. Or outdoors, May to early July. In a prepared seed bed, delay sowing if soil is cold or waterlogged. Sow two seeds together, spacing 30cm apart, in rows 45cm apart. Cover with 5cm of fine soil. Firm gently and keep moist. When large enough thin to strongest seedling. Train up poles or netting. Keep moist and weed free, harvest August to October.

Hint's & Tips

They make attractive climbers in the garden, when space is limited. In hot weather mist with tepid water in the evening to help the pods set.