Gooseberry Xenia Fruit Plant

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2ltr Potted Plant
Ribes uva-crispa
Item Code: 51120
Height: 120cm(48in)



A superb variety and one of the best introductions in recent years. The large, sweet tasting berries are ready for picking from the end of June and are sweet enough to eat straight from the bush.  A strong grower with a neat and open habit to make picking easier, we have also found plants to have excellent mildew resistance.

The 2ltr plants are, on average, a year older than 9cm potted varieties and due to the larger pot, the roots have more room to grow and develop which in turn allows them to absorb more nutrition, resulting in stronger and healthier plants.

Our potted Gooseberry Xenia plants are slightly smaller than you may expect. This variety is a smaller plant than many other Gooseberry varieties at least for the first few years. Please rest assured, that although small, the plants are very well rooted into their 2ltr pots and come the warmer weather will spring into life and once established in the ground will establish quickly to produce a good, healthy and productive plant for many years to come.

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