Asparagus Guelph Eclipse Crowns

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Asparagus officinalis
Item Code: 54046
Hardy Perennial (HP)



A new introduction from Canada, well suited to our UK climate. An early-mid season variety, this year we found it extremely early to harvest and its one that copes very well with an early heat spell. High yielding with thicker spears than many others. Our favourite for excellent all-round quality.

Growing asparagus is a long-term, but incredibly worthwhile investment. Our new range consists of modern tried and tested hybrids, all well suited to our UK climate and with excellent disease resistance. We supply freshly harvested large A grade crowns, larger than those commonly sold.

We now only despatch crowns in the spring rather than the autumn, planting at this time is much more beneficial to the plant and future crop. During the summer the fern collects nutrients, as this dies back in the autumn the stored nutrients go down into the crown, making it larger and full of energy in readiness for spring. If lifted and replanted in the autumn, you are effectively destroying this process, therefore in the spring the crown needs to start collecting nutrients again causing growth that will be thin and weak.

Full planting and care instructions are included with every order.

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